Rogues Women's Rugby Team Remain Undefeated in Regina

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Rogues Women's Rugby Team Remain Undefeated in Regina

Regina Women Sevens Rugby Series

by Jessica Barre

On Wednesday, June 29th, the Regina Women faced off in their second Sevens series of the 2016 season. The night presented the three local women's clubs with perfect playing conditions, allowing a small crowd to gather and take in the high-paced Sevens action.

Rogues vs Rage

The Rogues Women kicked off Sevens night against their first contenders- the hard-hitting and ever-aggressive Rage. With momentum generated from the initial kickoff in the first half, the Rogues were able to score quick and repeatedly, with each try frustrating the opposition more and more. Perfectly placed kicks by Schirr allowed the forwards time to get to the receiver and force them to move the ball quickly. Dynamic and elusive running by Langford on the wing, along with the team's ball handling skills, gave a successful start to the night for the women. The Rage came out swinging in the second half, and ran the ball with determination to remind everyone that they are a force. The Rogues struggled in the second half to stop the crash-style runs the Rage are well-respected for, closing the lead by a couple tries. To their dismay, the Rage could not continue at that pace and fell short as the final whistle was blown. Maintaining aggression on the attack, spreading the ball wide, and utilizing effective communication on a push defense, denied the Rage from their typical dominant style of play.

Final Score: 36 - 10

Rogues vs Condors

The second match for the Rogues, and the final match of the night, was against the Condors, who showed up with the most impressive numbers of all three clubs. Applying pressure on defense forced the Condors to get uncomfortable, which undoubtedly helped the Rogues contain the attack and control the pace for a large part of the game. By capitalizing on some mistakes, and maintaining a sense of calm on defense, the Rogues proved that patience is a virtue. Grad tore up the field with her smothering tackles and a few relentless runs, allowing her to add points to the board. Young Lenius continues to show her value on the pitch in her first season ever playing the sport, with confident tackling and a mature style of play not common among other players her age. The Condors Women fought hard on offense to exploit gaps in the Rogues defensive line, however, constant pressure and effective tackling kept them at bay.

Final Score: 41 - 0

By staying focused on a game plan to play "smart Sevens," the Rogues Women have humbly remained undefeated in their Sevens season thus far.