week 10 update

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week 10 update

finishing strong,


A rag-tag group of former, future, and current Rogues shipped up to Saskatoon to play the Gophers for the final game of the regular season on Saturday.  Only 17 players threw on jerseys for the boys in green this week.  Those 17 included Robin Macdowell and Sean Young who haven't played in over 2 years, but bravely answered the call for their rugby family, as well as head coach Adam Albeck as the elder statesmen on the day.  Also in the lineup was highschooler Carson Clarke, brother to the one legged wonder, Michael Clarke.  

Getting off to a late start, due to a breakdown in chamberlain,  the men emerged from the clown car and onto the pitch. Right off the bat the old boys showed they still had it.  Sean Young scored a crafty try, on a blindside pick that fooled everyone. He would add another before the half was over.  From there Robin carried the dimly lit torch and scored two of his own in the second half.  

The Rogues showed control and composure throughout the game, especially considering the mix of experience and lack of practice time as a group.  Even shorthanded there was never a doubt of the winner this week.  Another stellar performance turned in by football convert Bryce Mckinnen, who is showing some real understanding for the game, and as always, phenomenal ball carrying skill.  He scored two of his own and looked upstoppable with a head of steam.  

the play of the game however, came in the last minutes of the game.  Adam Albeck selfishly subbed himself on the field, to restore his player/coach status, and was due to prove his worth.  Which he did.  Deep in the gophers territory, Jon King decided to try for the line on a quick ball from the scrum half.  Being the undersized player that he is, he somehow couldn't get through three of the gophers forwards to the try line.  But never fear, in came Albeck with a perfect support line and a ear-piercing holler.  All that was left was a short pass and a dive over the line for Adam Albecks first try since the turn of the centruy.  

What a great experience for the new Rogues to play with some of the stars of the Rogues from the "Dynasty" era.  We thank everyone that made sacrifices to come up to the pitch this weekend and to the Gophers for giving us a great game.


Final Score: Rogues-71 Gophers-17



Next week marks the start of the playoff season for both Regina and Saskatoon.  Come watch the Rogues take on the Grads Saturday, August 25th at 1pm.  

See ya out there.