Week 4 update

Everybody winssss!


The Junior Girls 15s season continued this week with the Rogues facing off in the rain against the Rage.  The Rage showed explosive running skills in their outside backs and did well to keep the Rogues on the defensive in the rucks. The wet conditions forced the Rogues to adapt to a forard-centric game plan. The pack was led by Hana Frank, whose knowledge and strength continue to be a major asset to her squad. Back row player, Asha Dzisah, continued to be a display of power and grace- setting up her teammates in prime position to score, and forcing 4 to 5 defenders to attempt to slow her down. The MVP of the match was Paige Kelenc, who debuted at fullback and showed efficiency in both tackling and kicking.  Winger, Emily Chung, and center, Emily Findlay, made long, outstanding runs to score. In the final minutes of the second half, aggressive pressure by team captain and stand-off, Laura Muma, helped cause a turnover, and she was awarded with the final try of the match. Credit for the win this week goes to an outstanding effort from the pack, and relentless pressure from the backline.  Next Thursday, the Rogues will meet the Notre Dame Hounds, in what is what should be a tough battle for top spot.

Final score: Rogues 24- Rage 19


The junior men also played thursday evening against the junior Grads.  The mix of rain and sun seemed to have little effect on the boys, as they displayed great ball skills throughout the game.  The Rogues showed utter dominance in what ended up being a bit of a track meet of a game.  They showed the difference that practice and preperation can make as they controlled every aspect of the game, and out classed their opponents.  Spotlight shines on the defence that helped the rogues put up a goose egg for the first time this season.  

Final score: Rogues 96 - Grads 0


The senior women kicked off Saturday, June 16th, as the Rogues took on the NSRU teams at Optimist Park, as part of the Sask Rugby Sevens Series. Captains Mikayla Waller and Taylor Gerein led the rogues out against the Kirin to start the day. The first half started with a bang for the Kirin, capitalize off a couple of errors to take an early lead. However, the Rogues met them with pace and adjusted their defensive formation to put them in a position to control the ball throughout the second half. Final score: Rogues 48- Kirin 12.  It was a clash of black and green as the Rogues battled the Wild Oats for the second match of the day. The Wild Oats came out in their typical aggressive fashion, hitting the rucks hard and crashing the ball up midfield. They seized the opportunity to score blindside off a ruck, putting 5 points on the board. But that's all they would score.  The Rogues countered with their speed and some brilliantly supported plays led by Sara Einerson, to seal the win. Gerein showed a remarkable ability to make people miss and scored 2 tries against the WOW. Final score:

Final score: Rogues 33- WOW 5


Back on the RRU pitch Saturday,  the senior men took on the Saskatoon Krems in their interlock matchup.  It was a battle of opposites as the Krems team towered over the undersized Rogues, who had to rely on their skill and speed to counter the big boys from up north.  Doing just that, the Rogues were able to control much of the game and use their speed advantage highlighted by long runs from Patrick Young, Mitch Novak, and Daniel Smith.  Mitch ended the game with 5 tries as no one was able to match his supirior pace.  Highlighting the forwards was the workhorse Michael Calrke, and some great plays by new Rogues Nigel Bowns, and 16 year old Matt klimchuck.  Thats right, 16 years old.  We're very excited to see what he can do when he hits puberty.  

Final score: Rogues 97 - Krems 8


Next up the Rogues head to Sasktaoon Saturday, June 23 for week 2 of the interlock series.  

Huge thanks to Jess Barre for the women's game reports.