About Us

Regina Rogues is an amateur rugby club based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. We were established in 1981 and currently offer a senior women's and a seniors men's rugby program. Our club is a current member of the Regina Rugby Union.

Team photo circa 1984 Regina Rogues Rugby Club

About Us

Our competition consist of other clubs in the Regina Rugby Union as well as teams from the Northern Saskatchewan Rugby Union.

Rogues Club members are residents of Regina and surrounding areas. The Rogues Rugby club is represented by members of all ages and backgrounds. We are an equal opportunity organization and strictly prohibit discrimination of any kind. We promote respect and tolerance towards each other, fellow rugby players and members of the society in general. The Rogues are proud of our diversity and have current, and former, players from many countries all over the world such as South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Venezuala, Germany, Mexico.

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